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Who We Are

Duke AERO is a developing IREC and Spaceport of America Cup team sending Duke closer to orbit one launch at a time. A collegiate high-powered rocketry group, AERO provides aerospace-focused engineering opportunities in the form of rocket design and fabrication and community/industry networking through guest speakers and corporate outreach initiatives.

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Our Mission

The mission of Duke AERO is to provide students with the resources to build and fly a high-powered solid-fuel rocket in the Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico each June, and to participate in experimental projects relating to rocket development. In addition, the team promotes a safe environment for students interested in aerospace and engineering to learn and bring their passions to real projects. By hosting Duke alumni speakers working for notable companies in industry, and through attending aerospace conferences such as the North Carolina Space Symposium, Duke AERO seeks to provide students with exposure to the aerospace field.

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